Ask Louisa! Episode 4 - Love & Intimacy


In this episode of Ask Louisa, I gently guide 4 inidividuals to understand their love styles and to give astrological strategies to find and deepen love. Listen in to learn more a,d to see feedback from the participants, continue reading.....😊

'HI LOUISA - OH WOW! Thankyou so much , it's really amazing and fantastic, now I know! I can put all the dots together ! I am really delighted ... I feel like I would like to know more , so that means booking a session with you! How very exciting ! I may treat myself to a birthday reading gift to myself with you! I am so so happy thankyou !! So much love back to you too xxxx Rachel xxxx 32.png32.png'

'Thank you so much for this, really resonated!' Christina

'Hello Louisa. Thank you very much for my reading. I feel seen and understood. I appreciate that you read my chart and also added in points to consider, and dates to look out for in the future. Thank you! Sincerely Patricia'