Astrology-Driven Business Strategies with Taylor Proctor


In this episode of Cosmic Confidence, host Kelly Irene is joined by business coach Taylor Proctor, who specializes in helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

Exploring Taylor's astrological chart, they delve into the attributes that shape her success, including her Aries-driven leadership and her Gemini-influenced emotional needs. The discussion covers how her significant placements in Capricorn and Taurus drive her structured and luxurious approach to business.

The episode presents insights into balancing personal strength with team dynamics and the importance of embracing innate qualities for professional growth.

To learn more about Taylor, visit her website:

00:00 Introduction and Guest Welcome

00:22 Taylor Proctor's Background and Expertise

01:06 Exploring Quantum Power Days 

01:54 Taylor's Experience with Astrology 03:08 Deep Dive into Taylor's Chart

04:44 Understanding Moon and Emotional Needs 09:36 Balancing Elements in the Chart

16:00 Capricorn Influence and Boundaries

18:37 Water Signs and Communication

25:50 Final Thoughts and Branding Questions