Breaking Workplace BS: Astrology and Insights with Chris Reavis


In this episode of Cosmic Confidence, Kelly welcomes tech leader and author Chris Reavis. With over 30 years of experience in the tech industry and a personal journey on the autism spectrum, Chris shares his unique strategies for overcoming workplace frustrations. The discussion covers Chris's career, his books on autism, brain science, and Bitcoin mining, and how he's helping to create a more enjoyable and productive workplace. The conversation also delves into astrology as Kelly analyzes Chris's birth chart, revealing insights into his Gemini sun, Libra moon, and Cancer rising signs, and how these influence his approach to work and life.

Chris can be found at .

00:00 Introduction and Guest Welcome

01:22 Chris Reavis: Career and Personal Background

04:34 Exploring Astrology: Chris's Birth Chart

09:08 Deep Dive into Gemini and Libra Signs

14:09 Cancer Rising: Nurturing and Empathy

20:40 Balancing Big Ideas with Practical Steps

23:40 Conclusion and Final Thoughts