Astrology in Parenting with Maria Riegger


In this episode of Cosmic Confidence TV, host Kelly Irene welcomes Maria Riegger, a corporate attorney, bestselling author, speaker, astrologer, and trauma-informed parenting expert. Maria shares her journey of overcoming a traumatic childhood and using those experiences to become a better parent. She emphasizes the importance of self-improvement and emotional regulation in parenting, offering practical advice on managing triggers and understanding personal energies. The conversation also delves into how astrology can be used to improve parent-child relationships by honoring individual energy blueprints. Maria explains the significance of understanding sun, moon, and rising signs for both parents and children to foster healthier interactions and emotional growth.

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0:00 Cosmic Confidence TV - Maria Riegger Interview FINAL

00:27 Maria Rieger's Background and Journey

01:35 Conscious Parenting Decisions

04:39 Emotional Regulation Techniques

13:18 Astrology in Parenting

15:13 Understanding Your Child's Birth Chart

17:26 Elemental Energies and Parenting

21:26 Practical Applications of Astrology in Parenting

27:16 Conclusion and Farewell