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Nanci Reed, an intuitive body coach and author, joins Jennifer Mitchell on the Soul Traveler Podcast to discuss the power of intuition and the importance of embracing imperfections.

Nancy shares her personal journey of discovering her intuitive abilities and how she overcame the fear of being seen for who she truly is. She explains that intuition is often ignored or doubted due to societal conditioning and the belief that success must come from struggle.

Nanci emphasizes the need to make space for intuition and offers practical tips for amplifying it in daily life. She also discusses her work as a sacred embodiment coach, helping individuals align their mind, body, and spirit with love. Nancy addresses the issue of perfectionism and its root causes, encouraging listeners to embrace their perfectly imperfect selves.

Key Takeaways:

  • Intuition is a subtle and gentle flow that connects us to our divine inheritance.
  • Society often dismisses intuition due to its effortless nature and lack of empirical proof.
  • Making space for intuition involves silencing external noise and listening to your own truth.
  • Intuition amplification is about inviting the power of intuition into your life and trusting the process.
  • Sacred embodiment coaching combines physical movement, spirituality, and emotional intelligence to empower individuals.

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