How to Trick Your Brain into Doing AND Getting What You Want!


Did you know that your brain is wired up to not only avoid any new behaviors in your life (!), but also anything you might categorize as hard, boring or lame?? This is why it’s so hard to get what you want into your life! A super stressor is when we really want to be doing, experiencing or starting something, but we just can’t get the job done. Learn today about a simple trick that you can say to yourself that will turn this around for real and for good.

The benefits of meditation are astounding and today I am going to go over all the myriad reasons why you’ll want to have this practice in your every day living. You are going to be surprised, I promise.

Plus, simple ways to make sure that you keep showing up to make yourself less stressed, and so much more calm. And that’s only the beginning!

It’s time to learn how to do more by actually doing less.

The simplest, easiest meditation ever…3 Jobs Meditation Meditation

Music by Sonic Yogi