Divine Wisdom - Episode 2


Discover Your Purpose: A Guided Journey with the Great Council of Light
Airing weekly on the Ethereal Network's Spirit Calling channel, this show is hosted by Pamela Downes, the visionary founder of the Spirit Calling community and renowned trance channeler. Divine Wisdom delivers direct messages from our guides, the Great Council of Light, offering profound guidance from higher realms, answering your questions, and shedding light on world events.
Join us for an enlightening journey that empowers and elevates!

This Week's Episode:

Get ready for an exhilarating journey in this week's thrilling second episode! We're diving deep into the powerful theme of defining your purpose, guided by a channeled message for the week from our guides, the Great Council of Light. Join us as we tackle essential questions about protecting and grounding yourself amidst fear, offering practical strategies and profound insights. At the heart of it all is a transformative message: "What is your purpose?" We'll guide you through a soul-searching exploration to align with your deepest desires and passions. Whether you're seeking clarity in work, relationships, or life's direction, this episode promises to ignite your spirit and unleash your potential. Don't miss out on this enlightening episode that will empower you to manifest your dreams and live with renewed purpose. Tune in and elevate your journey today!

✨ This Week’s Channeled Message from the Great Council of Light ✨  

Defining your purpose. What is your purpose you say? What is it that I am meant to do in my life here on planet earth? You are not in resonance with the work that you do. With the family that you have. With the relationship you are currently in. You do not feel congruent with any or all of these things. You are feeling misaligned with yourself. You are feeling lost and betrayed to yourself. You are feeling that you are on edge and confused. You are feeling that you feel indifferent to the things you are spending your time with or in. You are seeking more purpose in the relationships you have in your life, be it romantic or of friend. You are searching for your purpose. For when you dive deep within yourself and ask the question of what do I really want? What do I really desire for my life? What do I really enjoy spending my days doing, you will find the answer. For in that fast of a second something will rise to the surface and present itself, you merely needed to give it the space it needed to be held. You know deep within yourself what you desire to do. If it is not the label you desire, then merely search for the feeling of it. What do you desire to have your days consist of? Service? Support? Creativity? Nature? What do you enjoy most doing where you lose yourself deeply within your time and reality? For there is your purpose. Those of you who have been funneled into an existence that you did not control. You listen to your loved ones or your beloved. You may not have been in a place that is able to tap into that understanding for maybe you were a young child and consumed with emotion or energy. There are moments in you life that you gain clarity through an experience or emotion. You see within yourself the contrast of joy and unrest. If you are in that space at the moment we ask you to sit with yourself. Think of that time that enlightened you and raised your expression of joy and happiness from within. That is the moment of clarity you desire. For in that clarity you are able to release the bind of confusion and fear. You are able to raise yourself above it in order to see the vision of happiness that could be for you in the future version of yourself. You are able to see it with your mind's eye and then through small steps, create that potential from within. You are able to move forward with small steps and changes in order that bring that into your reality. For allowing yourself the moment of clarity will shift everything for you and enable your mind and thoughts to draw pictures of what could be which lively's your spirit and eases your mind. It’s continues and it will grows from that one experience.


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