Divine Wisdom - Episode 3


Navigating Family Expectations: A Soulful Journey with the Great Council of Light
Airing weekly on the Ethereal Network's Spirit Calling channel, this show is hosted by Pamela Downes, the visionary founder of the Spirit Calling community and renowned trance channeler. Divine Wisdom delivers direct messages from our guides, the Great Council of Light, offering profound guidance from higher realms, answering your questions, and shedding light on world events.
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This Week's Episode:

In this week's episode, we explore the theme of Breaking Expectations Within Your Family, guided by a profound channeled message from the Great Council of Light. Many of us navigate the complex web of familial ties and expectations that have been passed down through generations, woven deeply into our DNA and soul imprints. This episode invites you to confront and transcend these energetic ties that may have kept you from honoring your true spirit's voice. It acknowledges the contrast and challenges within family dynamics as opportunities for growth and soul expansion. Each of us plays a role in our soul family's collective evolution, making choices that shape our spiritual journey. Join us as we delve into the wisdom of navigating familial expectations with compassion and clarity, fostering healing and understanding along the way.

✨ This Week’s Channeled Message from the Great Council of Light ✨  

Breaking expectations from within your family. This is often a very entangled and difficult task. Many of you have been brought up with the ties of family and the expectations that are cast up on you from family members who have had expectations cast up on them and so forth. The energetic ties that exist are not seen but are strong and tangled from generations before you and others in your family tree. This exchange has been entangled within your DNA and your soul’s imprint. There are circumstances that happen in your life where you cowarded in denial of your spirit’s voice. That voice of your higher self that speaks to you. It tells you tales of what could be. It tells you the wisdom of what you’re seeing from deep within the family dynamics. It tells the truths of what you are witnessing between family members. You are not in denial when experiencing these things. You are learning contrast, for in that contrast you are understanding that you do have a voice. You are a soul having a physical experience. We travel in soul families with your ‘choice’ group that are all aligned with the expansion we will all create for one another. You are all assigned a role. You are all in agreement with the lessons and experiences you will all share collectively and individually, that will support the elevation of your soul's understanding of love. Each time you come into physical form, you are enabling the soul to expand. Each lifetime you are given free choice to make choices that are in alignment with your soul's growth and there are no wrong or right decisions. All decisions are perfect for the expansion of that lifetime. For one may witness the aggression of oneself in the violation of their spirit in the soul body, but in the physical body may have created complete misalignment and mistrust, but that is the role being placed for your growth. You ask why I choose to kill in this lifetime? Why did I choose to experience hate and betrayal for another? Why must my body go through such misaligned health? We say this is the lesson and experience that you chose in this lifetime. You desired to feel the regret, sorrow, hate and malfunction of your physical form. You asked for this experience for the development of your soul and the assistance of others’ development within your soul group.  Healing occurs in misfortune. Healing occurs in the decline of health. Soul learning. Death and regret bring on ease and extension of love in valuing the release of surrender and hate. Do not judge someone who is here creating a dynamic shift in consciousness for your humanity, for they assigned this to themselves in the spiritual realm. They said that they agreed to this role of misconstruction and extreme malice in order to create dynamic shifts within humanity. Understanding this will allow you to release the judgment that you may have for others and for yourself. It allows you to understand that you are doing your extreme best in the moment and existence that you are currently experiencing. 



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