What Do We Dream About?


Carl Jung believed dreams restore psychological balance, often reflecting unresolved waking life issues. This episode uncovers how dreams can provide solutions and inspire creativity, with examples from notable figures like Elias Howe and Paul McCartney. We also examine common dream themes, emotions, and how external factors influence our dream content.

In this episode of The Dream Hub Channel, we explore the profound and varied world of dreams with insights from Dream Oracle Holly Emmerson and plant supplement expert Jack Delamatar. Holly delves into the art of dreaming on behalf of others and distinguishing between daily processing dreams and symbolic messages. Jack introduces the concept of oneirogens—plant supplements that enhance dream experiences—and shares a touching visitation dream story. He also explains the fascinating connection between music and dreams.

Tune in to understand how dreams connect to mental well-being, problem-solving, and creative insights. Discover practical tips to enhance your dream life and unlock the hidden wisdom within your dreams. Join us on The Dream Hub Channel for an enlightening journey into the world of dreams.