S1 E6 Zabayo, a Zeta-Arcturian Being - Living & Telling Your Story with Activation


Rachel channels Zabayo, a Zeta Arcturian being. Zabayo is known for his storytelling approach to discussing ascension. The program begins with a Liquid Reiki Shamanic Sound Healing to clear blocks and prepare for Zabayo's activation.

Zabayo speaks about the importance of living and telling one's story as part of one's life purpose and ascension journey. He also addresses questions about multidimensionality, the transition from life to higher dimensions, the crystalline structure of the body, and managing intense solar flares.

Rachel reflects on the channeling experience, sharing insights into the nature of our soul’s journey and the importance of community and self-care. The episode concludes with a message and gratitude blessing from Barry, an elemental fae Gwolf, from the Elemental Magic & Manifestation fae oracle deck. Welcome to "Higher Realm Activations with Rachel Chamness".

In this show, you'll watch trance channels of Ascension Guides and be connected to higher realms through higher dimensional grids and healing with Rachel Chamness, a Shamanic Channel & Mentor at Sound Waves Heal.