Dr. Steven Gundry: Vagal Nerve Stimulation for Relaxation

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Full show notes and transcript: https://drgundry.com/Dr-Daniel-Cartledge

Can you improve the quality of your sleep, destress, enhance your focus and boost your mood with a pair of headphones? Well my guest says yes! On this episode, I speak with Dr. Daniel Cartledge, an interventional pain physician at the National Pain Institute. Along with his brother, Dr. Richard Cartledge, he invented and patented Xen headphones. These special earbuds are designed to actually stimulate the vagus nerve – which you’ve heard me talk about in my books. It is the communication pathway between your brain and your other organs.

On this episode, we talk about the science behind Xen and how your brain relates to your overall health. On this episode you’ll learn:
What your EARS have to do with experiencing feelings of euphoria – and what you can do at home to feel more relaxed and happy (1:33)
How aging changes the “balance in your brain” – and what you can do about it (5:48)
How pain management has dramatically changed over the last few decades – and what it might mean for your health (6:45)
Dr. Cartledge’s trick for supporting his focus, mood, and even brain health (and how you can try it right from home) (8:30)
Why you may want to consider this “headphone-like” device before getting vagus nerve surgery (10:54)
How your vagus nerve is connected to your digestive system (and how their relationship can help you lose weight) (14:16)
The trick athletes do to help them recover faster in just 30 minutes – and how to try it for yourself (25:00)

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