Liz Coyles - Human Design for Business, Relationships, Parenting, and more…


“Human Design helps you manifest in the path of least resistance” – Liz Coyles
Liz Coyles is the Human Design reader at Aligned By Design. She was recently featured in Vogue magazine and Liz and founder Amy grew Aligned By Design to a 7 figure business in their first year of partnership

I started dabbling in Human Design in 2020 to see if it could help some of my coaching clients and we had some incredible success without really knowing what we were doing.

One thing Human Design can do – it will help you spend energy in the most efficient way towards achieving your goals and dreams and growing your business

Another interesting story you will hear from Liz is how she stumbled into being a famous musician with no musical experience

What you’ll learn in this episode:
What is Human Design?
How you can get your personal Human Design chart
Why you can use Human Design to grow your business much faster
Human Design as a parenting tool
How you can use Human design in romantic partnerships
How Liz became a rock star over night
The difference between projectors, manifestors, generators, and manifesting generators
How to use Human Design to save your energy and only do things you love
“The Human Design chart is your energetic blueprint. It is your roadmap. It is an incredible tool to honor who you are at the core.” -Liz Coyles

“After learning Human Design, I became more particular with my time and energy. It saved me from burn-out.” -Liz Coyles

“Projectors are here to see and not to do. ” -Liz Coyles

“Manifestors make up 9% of the population. They’re the only energy type that here to initiate. ” -Liz Coyles

“When you look at the charts of the people in your life, there’s a deep level of understanding.” -Liz Coyles

“Projectors and reflectors really need a lot of rest.” -Liz Coyles

“Let your desires lead you.” -Liz Coyles