The Realm Shift is Changing everything: Sandra Walter May 2022

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Selection from the first presentation at The Crystalline Convergence, May 2022 in Sedona. Events & Services at

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Sandra Walter is an Ascension Guide and Wayshower in service to the Shift in Consciousness. She assists awakened HUmans through writings, videos, classes, events and creations focused on the Ascension.

Sandra shares information as a contactee and pure conduit to empower, inspire and accelerate the Ascension of HUmanity. She is a published author, certified Life Coach, artist and Energy Healer.

Ascension Path Core Values:
- Create unique inspirational content, classes and events to expand the mind, open the heart and assist the Ascension.
- Honor and Serve the journey with courage, HUmility, grace and Divine intent.
- Empower the collective to co-create the new paradigm of peace and Unity Consciousness.

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