Angels, Guides, & Dragons? Your Spirit Team, with Nichole Bigley

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"Our Spirit Team is comprised of many, and you can have anywhere between 20, 30, 40, 50, or up to 100 or 200. And our Spirit Team can consist of everything from Archangels to Ascended Masters to our guardian angels to our spirit guides or animal spirits, as well as loved ones on the other side."

If you’ve ever wondered about the souls that guide us in this life, watch out for our well-being, and sometimes yell loudly that we’re doing it wrong (or maybe that’s just me), then you’re in for a treat.

🌟 Nichole Bigley, from A Psychic’s Story will be enlightening us on all of the following:

👉🏻 How do you know there’s an angel/guide waiting to work with you?
👉🏻 Okay, so I know there’s an angel or guide for me. Now what?
👉🏻 Nichole shares a great tip for knowing what your guide/angel wants to do for you
👉🏻 How to communicate directly with your Spirit Team
👉🏻 Are fairies and dragons a thing?

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👉🏻 Looking for Angels: A Guide to Understanding and Connecting with Angels, by Scott Guerin, PhD and Nichole Bigley

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