Your Intuition ALWAYS Knows What's Next, with A'ndrea Reiter

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This week, in the Miracles Happen Fertility Podcast, my special guest, A’ndrea Reiter, talks about how your intuition ALWAYS knows what's next.

A’ndrea Reiter (pronounced Ondrea Ryder), is a holistic fertility expert, reiki master and author specializing in a mind-body approach to fertility. She uses a combination of reiki, intuition and mindset coaching to move women through the physical and emotional blocks that are impeding them from conceiving naturally. She has been published by The Chopra Center, Mind Body Green, The Elephant Journal, Thrive Global, Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, and is a regular contributor to Fertility Road Magazine. Her book, How to Get Pregnant Even When You’ve Tried Everything: A Mind-Body Guide to Fertility is published by Llewellyn Worldwide and is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Though based in Los Angeles, A’ndrea helps women all over the world achieve their dreams of motherhood. For more information visit


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Here is what is covered in today’s episode:
- Energy of memory
- Accessing your intuition
- Intuition and fertility

Resources in this episode:
- How to Get Pregnant Even When You've Tried Everything by A'ndrea Reiter (
- Transcending Infertility by Dr. Maria Rothenburger, coming Fall 2020 (