Healing the Mother Wound with Shelby Carino

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Many women carry the weight of the "mother wound," a deep emotional injury caused by unmet needs, neglect, or toxic relationships with their mothers. Shelby Carino was no exception. She had to work on healing her toxic relationship with her own mother. In so doing, she embarked on a journey of spiritual awakening and healing.
Healing the mother wound starts with acknowledging the pain and seeking to understand its origins. It's important to remember that this healing journey is unique to each individual. Taking time to reflect on our own experiences and emotions can help us identify patterns and triggers related to the mother wound. Gaining perspective is crucial in healing the mother wound. It's important to recognize when our wounds keep us stuck in life. In today's episode, Shelby shares her journey with us and explains how we may be held back in life from wounding we carry that needs to be healed. 
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