The Magic Healing of Crystal Singing Bowls with Ashana

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A life-long student of yoga and mantra from many of the world’s spiritual traditions, Ashana purchased her first singing bowl and the rest is history. She felt the amazing and powerful healing frequencies that this sing bowl provided. Since then, she has purchased hundreds of singing bowls, each possessing a beautiful healing quality.  She is a best selling author, musician, and crystal bowl artist. Her music has been downloaded and streamed by millions of fans around the world. In her groundbreaking book Crystal Singing Bowls: The Angelic Sound of Healing, Relaxation and Spiritual Awakening, Ashana not only offers expert technical guidance on how to play crystal bowls easily and effortlessly, from day one, she also shares personal stories on the powerful impact sound healing with these beautiful instruments can have in your personal healing. 
Today she talks to us about what sound healing is, and how the singing bowls can help raise our energetic frequency, heal past emotions, and help us along our spiritual journey. She even gives us a small sampling of her beautiful music. You will not want to miss this uplifting and peaceful episode. 
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