Uncover Your Life's Purpose Through Vibrational Frequencies of Your Name

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Have you ever heard the myths that soul contracts are just superstitions, that our birth names have no influence on our life purpose, or that astrological signs are a better predictor of our destiny? Don't believe the hype! Gellyahnah Aakhen will reveal the truth about how discovering life purpose through birth name vibrations can help spiritual seekers uncover their true self and find the meaningful path they desire.

In this episode of the "Skeptic Metaphysicians" podcast, the hosts Will and Karen interview a guest who shares her insights on how birth names can create our realities and the life lessons that our souls choose. The guest, who was born with intuitive talents, talks about her fascination with mysticism since her early childhood. They explore the idea of sound frequencies and vibrations and their impact on our physical and spiritual selves. The hosts and guest discuss the concept of finding one's life's purpose and uncovering any karmic blocks through the sound of one's own name. This episode offers an intriguing perspective on the connection between our names and our life experiences.

In this captivating episode of The Skeptic Metaphysicians podcast, hosts Will and Karen engage in a thought-provoking conversation with Gellyahnah Aakhen, a mystic who specializes in uncovering one's soul contract through the vibrations of their birth name. Gellyahnah shares her unique method of decoding the sound frequencies of a person's name to reveal their soul's purpose and karma, providing insights into how these vibrations play a crucial role in shaping our lives. This episode is perfect for spiritual seekers who are interested in self-discovery and understanding the connection between their life purpose and the spiritual world. By listening to Gellyahnah's expertise, the audience will gain a deeper understanding of their soul's journey and how they can align with their life purpose for a more fulfilling experience.

"The premise here is that the sound frequencies of your name create your reality. The way that God spoke Earth into existence, the way that the Big Bang happened and created a universe." -- Gellyahnah Aakhen

· Unveil the mysteries of soul contracts by understanding the vibrations within your birth name. · Decode physical and spiritual karmic patterns and navigate life with renewed clarity.
· Explore the secrets of numerology charts to reveal your unique purpose and soul connections. · Tap into your inner wisdom for self-empowerment and effect positive change in your life.
· Discover the crucial role spirituality plays in your personal growth and transformative journey.

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Born with intuitive talents, Gellyahnah always felt different from everyone and from a very young age had a strong fascination with mysticism.

As a teen, she would seek out psychics, study astrology, palm reading and anything esoteric she could get her hands on.

While she was always in touch with this aspect of her essence, it was the end of her marriage that took her on a healing journey and a deep spiritual quest.

While healing her heart from childhood wounds, betrayal and abandonment she discovered the ancient methodology of the Soul Contract work.

Decoding and understanding her own Soul Contract, what her soul signed up for in this life, played such an instrumental part in her own healing and awakening, that she decided to become a Soul Contracts Practitioner to help others heal and remember their purpose in this incarnation.

Guest Info:
Website: https://gellyahnahaakhen.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/soul_contracts_practitioner
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/380500573488401
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/ @Soul_Contracts_Practitioner
Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/ @soul_contracts25

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