Dare to Shine Healer with Venessa Rodriguez on Soul Nectar Show

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Do you ever wonder what the medical industry would be like if the practitioners incorporated Soul and all their soul gifts as healers, as seers, as mystics? Do you ever wonder what that would look like? Well, if you do, it would actually require of us to step out of the proverbial spiritual closet and start shining those gifts into the world and be brave and courageous.

Today we’re talking with Venessa Rodrigues who is an intuitive nourishment guide and creatrix and host of the Feed Your Wild podcast. Venessa’s on a mission to guide ourselves to nourishment and remembrance so we can bring back soul into medicine.

Watch or listen to explore your own soul gifts for yourself and/or for your community. You’re invited!


Venessa Rodriguez, CNS is a mama, intuitive nourishment guide, Akashic Soul Record channeler, herbalist and clinical nutritionist. Through her holistic healing & wellness education collective, Wildly Rooted, and her podcast Feed Your Wild, Venessa’s mission is to get to the root of our collective dis-ease & re-member the soul back into medicine through radical nourishment of body, mind, & spirit. Venessa has worked in private practice since 2011 combining the science + spirituality of food & herbs and is the founder of the Wildly Intuitive Practitioner Pathway, where she helps wild-hearted practitioners, healing artists, and change-makers step into their soul-driven mission, medicine & calling through intuitive-based healing work using their unique gifts.

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