Empath and Soul Frequency with Shanna Lee

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What’s it like to be an empath at this time of the great awakening and to wake up your soul through the messy human experience of feeling everything? Feeling everything that’s not even yours half the time. And, maybe even carrying a load that’s not yours to carry. As an empath, are you able to discern who you are and who somebody else is, and where your boundaries lie?

Today’s conversation with Shanna Lee is going to illuminate some of these questions for us. She’s the founder of the Soul Frequency, best selling author of “The Soul Frequency: Your Healthy, Awakened and Authentic Life,” and podcast host of The Soul Frequency Show. She’s here to share her wisdom on living a life created on the truth of who you are and alignment.

Watch or listen to find out more about living a balanced human and multi-dimensional experience. You’re invited!