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Shadow beings are aspects of us which we no longer need and they desperately need us to hold on to them. Our attention and fear feeds their essence and anchors them deeper within us.

When we carry too much pain, anxiety, fear for the physical body to handle, we expel the excessive emotions, creating these elementals, which follow us everywhere, because they are us. Thus "shadow" being.

Transmute that which no longer serves, by understanding it as a part of you, through unconditional love and unconditional acceptance without fear.

By not fearing these parts of you, they loose their power. Work through all of your fears to expand within your infinite being and essences and Recreate yourself. Remember the three universal laws: know yourself, accept yourself, become the creator. When you accept yourself, you embrace everything you know you are and thus begin to shape your reality. You take charge of what is, because you Are what is.

The moment you accept what is, you begin to change it. When you cannot accept something you create resistance, resistance creates stagnation and thus you get stuck. Visualize yourself standing in your power and infinite beingness and whatever causes dissonance, won't affect you. Just approach it with gentle, compassionate strength.

Those that cause fear and pain are the ones most needing of love, compassion and acceptance.

This is alchemy. You are all powerful alchemists, believe in yourself, know that anything is possible.

Sleep paralysis feels similar to integrating higher aspects of yourself for the first time, as energy is expands to integrate extensions of you. Paralysis happens as you give your power away through fear, while consciously having an outer body experience. Regain balance and clarity by consciously integrating all fractals of yourself.

- Aura ❤️

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