Postcards to the Universe with Melisa - Featuring Molé Mama


Welcome Featured Guest Molé Mama (Diana Silva) A San Diego-based author, home chef, vlogger, speaker, and podcaster. She recently competed on Food Network’s Guy’s Grocery Games five-episode home chef tournament.

From making her first manifesting postcard to now, Diana's dream for Molé Mama has soared to what it has become today and she's just getting started. 

Molé Mama Recipes YouTube cooking videos and podcasts celebrate family recipes, cooking delicious meals at home and adding love to every recipe. Molé Mama explores recipes and traditions from around the world and the stories that keep them alive. She calls for everyone to return to their kitchens and preserve their living and past ancestors' favorite recipes and stories for future generations.

Molé Mama’s new book, Abuelita’s Magical Molcajete, is a fun, magical, heartwarming romance filled with delicious Mexican food, meddling ghosts, love and hope! 

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