Past Lives, Future Vibes: Unlock Your Destiny With Clairvoyant Reading

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Amirah Hall
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Feeling stuck and unfulfilled? You're not alone! In this episode of Intuitive Superpowers, Amirah invites you into the sacred space of giving Tracie a clairvoyant reading that sheds light on her current situation.

Tracie shares her story of longing to open an animal sanctuary after a long career in the corporate world. But financial hurdles keep her dream out of reach.

Amirah clairvoyantly scans Tracie's energy, revealing a surprising connection to a past life. where she uncovers a past where Tracie's father died at war, leaving her feeling unfulfilled. This dynamic, Amirah believes and Tracie confirms is repeating itself with Tracie's husband in the present.

With blocked chakras hindering her ability to manifest her dreams, Tracie learns how suppressed creativity and a desire for approval, stemming from her past life, are holding her back. But there's hope! Amirah reveals Tracie has spirit guides and encourages her to trust her inner wisdom. Watch as Tracie receives the guidance she needs to break free from self-doubt and finally unlock her true potential to create the life, and the animal sanctuary, of her dreams.