Ask Louisa! Episode 1 The Astrology of Vibration


In this episode, I help 4 women with their questions about their astrological VIBRATION! Continue reading to hear some of the feedback from the participants!

'Thanks a lot for your reading. You were 100% correct in assessing the situation in recent years; it was a continuous stop-and-go, and every project I started did not seem right. I have a fairly creative job. Anyway, your words gave me a push to start breaking the big scary project into smaller sub-projects. We will see what the summer will bring :). It's also true that I usually have the "big sister" energy, but I am also quite famous for having firm boundaries...Thanks a lot for your reading, and good luck with all your new projects' Freddie
'Hi Louisa, Wow, that's brilliant - thanks for sharing! I've learned a little more about this aspect in my chart so it's really helpful. Interesting how you spoke about the coming months and impact on relationships so I'm curious to see what that might mean for me. I'll need to watch a few times to glean more information but so far it was pretty intriguing! Again, thanks for including my chart in your show and I look forward to hearing more about your show in due course! Have a fabulous weekend! Much Love, Bluebell'
'Dearest Louisa, You were so on point! It’s been a tough and challenging 10 years (also after a childhood of serious trauma). Now tired of being everyone’s doormat, betrayed, etc. So I actually did it! I found a little cottage, and since March, I’m finally free! For the first time in my life, I’m putting me first. While scary I can do whatever I want whenever I want…while I heal. Thank you so much for the reading. It meant the world to me in this shaky and precarious moment of my life. A deep bow of gratitude to you 32.png. All my best to you from Rome to Portugal 32.png'
'Hi Louisa,32.png Thank you, so very much! 32.png32.png (tears) you just confirmed to me what my soul has been speaking to me and guiding me to do. I’ve been looking at country’s abroad to move to…literally!  And learning different languages.  I’m looking to move away from here — I’m currently in Los Angeles , I moved here in 2015 from Portland Oregon ( hometown). And Thank you,  again! Your most def  an angel 32.png. Take very good care of yourself , Louisa  and I look forward to checking out your show. Deepest gratitude,  Musa 32.png32.png'