S1 E4 Artemis, Deities, Activation to Natural Being for Healing

Artemis Speaks of Deities, and Gives Activation to Natural Being for Healing with Trance -Channeling by Rachel Chamness


In this episode of Higher Realm Activations, Rachel Chamness channels the deity Artemis (also known as Diana) to discuss the roles of gods and goddesses in higher dimensions, the purpose of our Universe at this time, the properties of matter in the 5th Dimension, and how we can be more attuned to our Earth's elemental fae through connections to nature.

With Liquid Reiki Shamanic Sound Healing, Artemis activates the listener to the concept of "Natural Being" which helps release third-dimensional toxins and chemicals gently from your system.

Artemis speaks on understanding natural being, the importance of nature, and connecting with higher dimensions. The episode highlights the need to reconnect with nature for physical and spiritual well-being. It also includes a healing message focused on self-worth, delivered by the Selkie, Beesbee.

Welcome to "Higher Realm Activations with Rachel Chamness". In this show, you'll watch trance channels of Ascension Guides and be connected to higher realms through higher dimensional grids and healing with Rachel Chamness, a Shamanic Channel & Mentor at Sound Waves Heal.