Talking to the Arcturians with Trance Channel, Erin Gordon

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Karl Gruber
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Erin Gordon is our featured guest on episode #162 of World Awakenings. We are excited to have her on the show as she is the earthly voice for some of our friends from the stars known as the Arcturians (or as she refers to them as the ‘Gang’) Erin had a relatively normal childhood, but as a youngster she was always in touch with the spirit world, and didn’t realize, until she was older, that this was not normal for most people. As a result, she has always been drawn to psychic/spiritual and channeling sources. Growing up as an only child she had a lot of alone time to channel her guides and reflect when the energy of her non-physical friends shifted into something more intense when she was in her mid 20's. This is when the Arcturians made themselves more pronounced as she asked more questions and began to "see" them in her mind's eye. Since then, she has fine-tuned her abilities as a channel. Along with her best friend and partner, Dean Graves, they continue their current exploration of human evolution and consciousness.

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If you would like to connect with Erin Gordon, you can go to her partner, Dean Graves' website