Introduction to Cosmic Confidence with Kelly Irene

In the inaugural episode of Cosmic Confidence TV, host Kelly Irene introduces herself as the founder of Most True You. She shares her personal journey of self-discovery, leading from a life that didn’t align with her true identity to one inspired by astrology. Kelly aims to help viewers embrace and understand their authentic selves through astrological insights. The episode covers the basics of astrology, including the significance of sun, moon, and rising signs, as well as the twelve houses and their themes. Kelly also offers resources and encourages viewer interaction via a QR code for more personalized astrological guidance.
Kelly can be found at 
00:00 Welcome to Cosmic Confidence TV
00:25 The Purpose of the Show
01:17 Interactive Learning and Viewer Engagement
01:48 Kelly's Personal Journey
07:14 Discovering Astrology
10:51 Understanding Your Birth Chart
16:13 Exploring Zodiac Signs and Elements
22:15 Resources and Next Steps
23:55 Conclusion and Contact Information