Living Lucky & The Fussy Virgo: Authenticity

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Living Lucky
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A trip to Orlando Fringe reconnects old friends in serendipitous ways.

Living Lucky - Episode 1: Show Notes


  • Hosts: Jana and Jason
  • Show Title: Living Lucky
  • Genre: Personal growth, spirituality

Episode Summary

This episode explores the concept of "Living Lucky" and introduces the hosts' philosophy of aligning desires, decision, and Divine design with the universe. Jana and Jason share their story of how an Einstein quote inspired them to see the world differently and how they use a four-step method (ABRA) to manifest their desires. They experience an unplanned reconnection with an old friend, Angela (the Fussy Bergan), who embodies authenticity and discuss the importance of embracing our true selves.

Key Points

  • Living Lucky: A philosophy of co-creating with the universe to achieve desires.
  • ABRA Method: A four-step process for manifestation - Ask, Believe, Receive, Appreciate.
  • The Power of Authenticity: Importance of embracing your true self.
  • The Universe Provides: Synchronicity and signs guide us on our path.

Memorable Moments

  • Jason getting bitten by ants (but not feeling a thing!)
  • Meeting Angela, the Fussy Bergan, a beacon of authenticity.
  • Realizing their camera settings were wrong and using the extra time productively.


  • "There are two types of people in the world: the type of people that see everything as a miracle or the type of people who see nothing as a miracle, and you get to choose which type of person you are." - Albert Einstein (Paraphrased by Jana)
  • "This is a co-creation, so we give our ideas (Define what we are searching for) and then we receive it with enthusiasm, optimism, an open mind and we allow, so we give up control. It's almost like dancing. We allow it to happen." - Jana
  • "The thing that always comes back for me on the thought of "appreciate" in A.B.R.A. is; I always say, "How lucky am I?" And that just brings me back to the appreciation. How lucky are we? How lucky are we? That always takes me right back into gratitude." - Jason