Ask Louisa! Episode 2 - Your Career Questions Answered


In this episode, I help 4 individuals with uncertainty about their role and career in life, using intuitive astrology. Listen in to see if there's a message that resonates with you too, and continue reading to hear some feedback from these readings!

'Thank you soo much, what a blessing! I had goosebumps listening to the reading. You gave me so much confirmation but also opened my eyes to what I hadn't seen. You've gave me so much to think about, appreciate the advice thinking short term and breaking it down. I've definitely been feeling an internal positive shift this year, I felt massive change coming for while now. I know I'm still on my journey, I keep faith I will get to where I'm going by doing the work necessary. You have such a loving energy, it was really a beautiful reading. I've come away feeling even more positive and optimistic'. Testimonial from Jodie Lee

'Hi Louisa, thank you so much! The Reading is amazing and it's so in depth.. I didn't expect that <3 It is really helpful! Can't thank you enough :). Much Love' Testimonial from Connie