The Work Of Warriors Episode 4 - Bruce Cryer -


Leora discusses Bruce's life as he is likened to a Renaissance man and has had an incredible journey. From singing in Duke Ellington's choir and performing in The Fantasticks at a young age to excelling in various artistic endeavors and founding holistic businesses in California, Bruce has made significant contributions to coherence, health, performance, and leadership. As one of the founders and CEO of HeartMath, he led the company to receive multiple accolades, and his expertise earned him recognition as a Top 50 Thought Leader in Personal Excellence. Despite facing a serious health diagnosis, Bruce rediscovered his creative passions, released an album, and created a course on Creativity for Well-Being at Stanford University. He continues to engage in artistic projects and serve esteemed clients, all while embracing life's adventures with an unwavering dedication to love, support, and authenticity. Bruce is cancer-free and thriving today, teaching people how to reinvent their lives.