Backyard Farm Fresh


What we put in our bodies is important. How often have we been doing the "right" things and not getting the results we hoped for?
Maybe we were missing a vital piece of information?

How often have we had an insight and wondered, "Is this it? Is this my calling, or is this just an idea fart that will end up stinking and embarrassing me in front of my friends and family in the near future?"

How can we listen to and follow that soulful calling beckoning us toward the greatness we are destined for?

One thing we know is that everything we do, all the actions we take, are based on what we think and how we feel. When we think better and feel better, we act (do) better, and we typically get better results.

Bring in Backyard Fresh Farms. Organic, nutrient dense, aquaponically grown produce providing a more enriching and robust experience for our individual micro-biomes and human biologic ecosystems.
Cleaner eating helps us energetically, mentally, and emotionally.
We aren't doctors or registered nutritionist, we're speaking from experience and experimentation. Our results have been different as a result of eating cleaner foods, as tested through VIOME -micro biome full body testing.